Former White House Insider: “The Son-Of-A-B**** Is Self-Detonating”

Donald Trump’s behavior and mental state are a constant source of speculation for the public, and those closest to him — or who once were — frequently drop insights. Ex-staffers have written books or testified before congress, and even the president’s niece, a psychologist, recently released a book about Trump’s mental state and history. Now, another former staffer is speaking out, and he believes Trump is in self-destruct mode.

Donald Trump is self-detonating, says former insider
[Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images]

Anthony Scaramucci appeared in an interview last week, the Guardian reports, to discuss Trump and the end of his own loyalty. The former press secretary, who is often described as having the record for the shortest tenure in the Trump administration, with only an eleven-day stint, says that he stayed loyal to the president after being fired, until Trump’s Twitter behavior became too much.

It’s not his first time showing up on television to talk about Trump, and the president has already disavowed Scaramucci’s views.

Now the former staffer, who knew Trump from New York long before the 2016 presidential campaign, says Trump is in the throes of “full-blown narcissism,” and that he can’t focus unless you make a briefing about him, and even if he focuses, he doesn’t listen.

Even if you got him to focus on it, he wouldn’t listen to you anyway because he’s so maniacally narcissistic. He wants to immobilise everybody around him and then he wants to go on and win the presidency anyway on this nihilistic rampage and show everybody, ‘See, I wiped out all of you with napalm and I didn’t need any of you.’

Scaramucci has been criticizing the president openly for a while now, and has specifically vocally opposed Trump’s pandemic response, racially divisive behavior, and military policies, among others.

Now he says that he’s seeing the signs of decline in the president. The man he says was once (pre-presidency) a “garrulous person, self-absorbed but funny…very rakish and very charming,” is now displaying “full-blown impetuosity and his craziness and his viciousness,” which he says will be Trump’s undoing.

I know the son of a bitch well – he’s doing something that I find fascinating. He’s subconsciously self-detonating.

He’s doing things every single day that is literally forcibly unravelling his political career and that is the hidden secret, the underbelly of a narcissist. They have a very full-blown self-destructive streak in their personalities. He’s got his hand on the self detonator now.

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