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Former White House COVID-19 Czar Now Sells Air Purifiers

Former White House COVID-19 Czar Now Sells Air Purifiers

There are very few – if any – former officials from ex-President Donald Trump’s tempestuous administration that have managed to move on with their lives wearing the stain of serving under the worst commander in chief in history.

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Doctor Deborah Birx – Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator who quit the White House two days before Christmas – was not offered a job by President Joe Biden, perhaps because she never stood up to Trump for lying about COVID-19 for the better part of a year.

In fact, Reuters reported on Friday, Birx has chosen to leave the medical field behind.

The once-renowned global health expert has accepted a job as the chief scientific and medical adviser for ActivePure, a company based in Dallas, Texas that produces air purifiers which filter out SARS-COV-2 particles.

In an interview with Reuters, Birx said that “the Biden administration wanted a clean slate. I understand that completely.”

Birx said that the blame for the catastrophic death toll – now approaching 550,000 – lies with Trump’s entire team.

“When you have the 100,000 people we lost over the summer, and the 300,000 people we lost over the fall-winter surge, you have to ask yourself and have to know that it didn’t go as well as it should have. All of us are responsible for that,” Birx said in a profound understatement.

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Birx conceded that she has regrets that she is still working through.

“I’m trying to rank order them,” she explained to Reuters. “We have to be willing to step back and really analyze where we could have been and why we weren’t more effective.”

In addition, Birx is a senior fellow at the George W. Bush Institute. She also sits on the board of Innoviva, a company that manages multi-million-dollar investment portfolios for bio-pharmaceuticals.

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