Former White House Chief Of Staff Thinks Two Debates Will Be Canceled — “Tremendous Pressure To Just Do One”

Mick Mulvaney, the former acting White House Chief of Staff, current Special Envoy to Northern Ireland, made a prediction Monday about Tuesday’s presidential debate: it will be the only one. He believes that Joe Biden is under “tremendous pressure..to just do one debate.”

Joe Biden one debate, says Mulvaney
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Speaking to RTÉ‘s Six One News, Mulvaney spoke about the election and the debates. He described Donald Trump’s challenge to Joe Biden to submit to drug testing before the debate as “a lot of fun,” and an example of “the president’s sense of humor,” and “part of the little political fun we like to have with our races.” He said that the health of a president or presidential candidate is always a relevant topic, and added that Joe Biden will likely cancel the second and third debate.

Donald Trump and his team have long tried to suggest that Joe Biden is incapable of coherent speech. They’ve spread false claims about his purported teleprompter use, suggesting that he used one to answer questions in an interview, when he was actually answering questions from a viewer on the screen, with even the president retweeting the lie. Trump has suggested that Biden must be using some type of “performance-enhancing drug” to be able to complete a sentence.

However, Trump’s campaign has also said Biden is a skilled debater who has bested a long list of opponents and will handle himself well on the debate stage.

Aside from his drug test challenge, Trump has also tried to challenge Biden to an additional debate that Joe Rogan would moderate.

The first debate is this Tuesday, September 29, at 9:00pm. There are two additional debates scheduled in October, as well as a vice presidential debate on October 7th.

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