Former WH Counsel John Dean Explains Why Trump Children Should be Worried About NYC Investigation

At the moment, New York investigators are taking a long look at Donald Trump’s tax records. There are reasons for the president to be worried. His former lawyer, Michael Cohen, has advised Trump to get fitted for a custom orange prison jumpsuit.

Donald Trump, Don Jr, Ivanka, Eric, and Tiffany Trump – Source: Disney/ABC

But Trump isn’t the only member of his family who should be worried. His 3 eldest children, Donald, Eric and Ivanka were all deeply involved in the family business. And according to John Dean, they also have reason to be concerned.

The former Nixon Counsel told Don Lemon, “I think they (the Trump kids) should be worried. They got a pass of sorts last time they were in front of [DA Cy] Vance. One of Trump’s long-time lawyers went in, negotiated a deal and got them a pass and later gave a large contribution to Vance. Actually, a couple of large contributions. That came back to haunt Vance. So, I don’t think he looks very favorably on the Trump family anymore and he wants to clean up his reputation. So, he’s probably being very aggressive about them and pursuing any potential criminality.”

Dean continued:

“There’s almost a terabyte of data. That’s massive. That’s thousands upon thousands of documents. And this is going to show how they prepared the tax returns over the last eight years that they’re looking at. The memos back and forth. Records of phone calls where the accountants were being instructed. So, if there’s malfeasance, non-feasance or misfeasance in there it’s very likely to be in that terabyte. So, that’s a mighty pile of information they have to go through too.”

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