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Former US Atty Kirschner Says Trump’s War Criminal Pardons Need to be Investigated

Former US Atty Kirschner Says Trump’s War Criminal Pardons Need to be Investigated

Presidential pardons can sometimes get political, but they usually follow similar themes. It may be a case where the evidence was questionable. Or it may be an older person who has served a significant amount of time. Donald Trump’s pardons, however, are basically all political.

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Trump had no problem pardoning former GOP lawmakers Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter before they could be punished for their crimes. But more problematic was Trump’s pardon for former Blackwater security agents convicted for killing innocent civilians. Those pardons, Glenn Kirschner says, require further investigation.

The former US Attorney made the comments while speaking with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi.

“It seems like there is no line Donald Trump won’t cross,” he began. “I will say, to this old prosecutor, it feels like what he just did was like an indiscriminate drive-by on the rule of law. I mean, he pardons people who are lying to the FBI. As part of the Russia probe. He pardons Republicans who were either stealing from their donors, committing campaign finance violations or engaged in insider training.”

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Kirschner continued, “Ali, my office would bring the victims over from Iraq and their surviving family members of the 17 who were murdered over and over and over again for these three trials and I can tell you that those Iraqi citizens were equal parts heartened that the American criminal justice system cared about their victimization and shocked at all of the time, energy, and effort, we poured into holding those Blackwater/Academi killers accountable for what they did.”

The former prosecutor closed, “Now Donald Trump has killed that justice we achieved in a very real sense. This is perhaps the single greatest affront to victims’ rights I saw my 30 years as a prosecutor.”

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