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Former U.S. Surgeon General Gives Cold Hard Truth About Trump’s COVID-19 Response

Former U.S. Surgeon General Gives Cold Hard Truth About Trump’s COVID-19 Response

Dr. Vivek Murthy served as the Surgeon General under former President Barack Obama, and he has a few things to say about how the Trump Administration is running the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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It is customary for former administrations to remain quiet as new administrations take office and do their jobs, but it seems that Dr. Murthy could keep quiet no longer in this time of crisis.

He said of the current administration’s handling of the pandemic:

“Unfortunately, we were a bit late to recognize how bad this was as a country. We have been late, also, when it comes to ramping up testing, which we desperately need. And we’re also still having trouble getting the materials, particularly the protective equipment that health care providers need. We’re making progress over the last month, but it’s unfortunately nowhere near where it needs to be if we want to feel safe to relax social distancing restrictions.” 

There has been much talk of reopening the economy and relaxing social distancing and quarantine restrictions on the part of the Trump Administration and even President Donald Trump himself. However, safety must be considered, and even as the curve begins to flatten, we must not be hasty, per medical experts.

Murthy went on to say:

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“What we really need both with testing and when it comes to the protective equipment is we do need the federal government to be more aggressive in stepping in and taking over the supply, the production, as well as the distribution piece of this.”

Murthy is echoing the wisdom of infectious disease experts and governors around the nation, and others on the frontlines of the pandemic. What the federal government actually does is another story.

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