Former U.S. AG: ‘Congress must begin impeachment proceedings’ & ‘Barr must refer’ Mueller’s Evidence

Last night, a bombshell report was published by BuzzFeed News in which sources claimed that President Trump had directed his attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.

If the report is valid, it would seem to indicate that the President of the United States has committed a federal crime.  18 U.S. Code § 1622 – Subornation of perjury, says that “Whoever procures another to commit any perjury is guilty of subornation of perjury, and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.”

This has led many attorneys, politicians and former politicians to begin their calls for impeachment proceedings to begin against President Trump.

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder made his case early this morning, tweeting:  “If true – and proof must be examined – Congress must begin impeachment proceedings and Barr must refer, at a minimum, the relevant portions of material discovered by Mueller. This is a potential inflection point.”

It’s long been thought by many Democrats that impeachment proceedings should be held up until after Mueller releases his report, but this ideology seems to be changing as more and more evidence begins to mount, pointing to potential crimes committed by Donald Trump.

If Congress so desired, they could request evidence on this matter from the Attorney General of the United States, rather than waiting for Mueller’s full report to be presented.  Other Democrats seem to be jumping on board with this idea as well, with Congressman Ted Lieu making a series of tweets himself.

There is no question that Democrats will strongly consider impeaching President Trump, but the question that remains is whether it will come before or after the release of Mueller’s report.


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