Former Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly Criticizes “Half-Done” Impeachment Process

Serving as Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff from 2017-2019, John F. Kelly was often considered to be one of the “adults in the room.” After a number of spats with the President, Kelly resigned and was replaced with the much more pliable Mick Mulvaney.

Mueller Investigators John Kelly
Photo Credit U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Kelly recently sat down New Jersey Advanced Media and talked about Trump and the job he was doing. When asked about the impeachment process, Kelly said that the process was only “half-done” since lawmakers didn’t hear from witnesses.

The former Chief of Staff had some advice for Republicans. “If I was advising the United States Senate, I would say, ‘If you don’t respond to 75 percent of the American voters and have witnesses, it’s a job only half done,” he said. “You open yourself up forever as a Senate that shirks its responsibilities.”

Kelly also offered praise for for National Security Adviser John Bolton. He referred to Bolton as “a copious note taker” who was “an honest guy and an honorable guy.”

The former General also had advice for Trump now that the impeachment process is coming to a close.

“If I was there, I’d recommend the president have leadership over and say, ‘OK, now that this is behind us, let’s talk,’” Kelly said.  “We can maybe take a breath over the weekend and make a commitment to each other. It would be such a wonderful outreach.”

The former Chief of Staff noted that was very unlikely to happen.


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