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Former Trump Campaign Staffer Snuck ‘Abortion Pill’ In Pregnant Girlfriend’s Drink, Court Filing Alleges

Former Trump Campaign Staffer Snuck ‘Abortion Pill’ In Pregnant Girlfriend’s Drink, Court Filing Alleges

Trump campaign official accused of drugging woman to kill fetus
Trump campaign official accused of drugging woman to kill fetus
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Jason Miller served as a spokesperson for Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign, and served on his transition team. He was named to take a White House role, but withdrew his name before taking the position. Now court documents reveal that he stands accused of endangering the life of an unnamed woman by sneaking medication into a smoothie, hoping to end her pregnancy.

The woman, named in the documents only as Jane Doe, is said to have consumed the drink and spent two days in the hospital, bleeding heavily, losing the pregnancy, and suffering from other medical dangers.

Jason Miller has called the filing false, lashing out at the mother of his child and deriding her mental health.

Splinter obtained a document filed in a case between Arlene J. Delgado and Jason Miller concerning custody of their child, who was concieved in an extramarital relationship. Miller remains married and has two daughters with his wife. In the document, Delgado lays out the information regarding the alleged affair, pregnancy, and termination. She includes printouts of text messages, emails, and online messages and posts between herself, Miller, and other parties to document aspects of the story. Her request is for the court to require a psychological evaluation in consideration of a custody decision.

Delgado says that she has the true name of Jane Doe and is not revealing it publicly, because Jane Doe does not want her parents to know about her career choice.

In the timeline submitted to the court, Miller is said to have met Doe when she was working as a stripper in 2012, and formed a relationship with her that resulted in a pregnancy. After learning of the pregnancy, Miller is said to have taken a smoothie to Doe’s home, in which he had secretly concealed a medication to induce an abortion.

The filing goes on to claim that Doe ended up in a hospital emergency room, bleeding heavily, resulting in the death of the fetus and near-coma conditions for the pregnant woman.

Doe is reported to have contacted staffers of politicians associated with Miller, and Miller is said to have pressured her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. An investigator allegedly contacted Doe in 2016 and confirmed her identity, and that she was unwilling to go public and reveal her employment to her parents.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Miller decries the filing as false, asserts that Delgado has mental and emotional health issues, brings up her other relationships, and promises to clear his name and hold Delgado and Splinter accountable for sharing the information.

The filing further alleges that an unnamed journalist investigating the story uncovered information about another woman with whom Miller had allegedly had a relationship, who says that Miller was physically abusive toward her — something that Delgado indicates rang true with her, as she says she has previously filed documentation with the court describing the physical abuse Miller allegedly subjected her to, most notably when she refused to terminate her own pregnancy and was “forced to flee” Miller’s apartment for safety.

Jason Miller was named to be the White House communications director, but backed out in December 2016, before Donald Trump’s January 2017 inauguration. According to Politico, this change of plans came after Delgado, part of Trump’s transition team, publicly named him “baby-daddy,” and information was sent to the media alleging that the pair were in a relationship. At this time Miller’s wife was also pregnant with their second daughter.

Hill Reporter has reached out to Jason Miller for comment, and will update this story if he responds.

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