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Former Trump aide: Robert Mueller has “A Strong Case of Conspiracy”

Former Trump aide: Robert Mueller has “A Strong Case of Conspiracy”

As a former Trump aide and a protege to Roger Stone, Sam Nunberg has a fair amount of insider knowledge. He also has first-hand knowledge of Robert Mueller’s investigation as he was interviewed by the team in March of 2018.

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In a recent interview with Showtime’s John Heilemann, the former aide offered some insight into Stone, Trump and the investigation. According to Nunberg, the FBI has a “strong case of a conspiracy.”

Nunberg said the Mueller team asked him a number of questions about Stone. He says, “When I went to the special counsel for the voluntary interview, it was, ‘Roger, Roger Roger, Roger.” They wanted to know, “what did Roger and Trump discuss in their phone calls.”

The FBI arrested Roger Stone in late January. The former special adviser to Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to 7 charges and has vowed not to testify against the president.

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Nunberg feels Stone is in trouble and Trump may be too. He told Heilemann, “I could tell what they were going to do to Roger. I think Roger could tell what they’re going to do to Trump. These aren’t the guys you fuck around with. They have a strong case of a conspiracy.”

The former aide finished the segment with a warning for the president, “But what I do know is that there’s something going on there. There’s a lot of stuff to look into.”

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