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White House Destroyed 5 Boxes of Documents Requested by FBI, Believes Former Trump Aid

White House Destroyed 5 Boxes of Documents Requested by FBI, Believes Former Trump Aid

After appearing on The Apprentice, Omarosa Manigault-Newman was mentored by Donald Trump, following him all the way to the White House. The relationship, however, turned sour and the businesswoman left the administration at the end of 2017.

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When the Trump aide left her position, she was told to leave 7 boxes of documents behind. Those documents were to go to the FBI for the Mueller investigation. Manigault-Newman is alleging that only 2 boxes were handed over and the 5 other boxes were destroyed.

She told MSNBC’s, Al Sharpton, “After my discussion with General Kelly in the Situation Room when I went to take my things, I was instructed that I had to leave seven boxes of documents that came from the campaign, the inauguration, the transition, and they would not allow me to get them.”

Manigault-Newman continued, “What’s very curious to me is that, as I stated, it was seven boxes of documents, and in my emails, they only referenced two, which leads me to believe that they’ve destroyed the other five.”

The former aide to the president believes this is not an isolated incident but a normal way of doing business for her former mentor.

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She finished the interview by telling Sharpton, “So we’ll have to see what unfolds. But I’m sure that I’m just not a one-off. I believe that this is a pattern with this administration of being disrespectful to congressional requests, of trying to use intimidation and all types of tactics to keep people silent.”

The White House has yet to comment on Manigault-Newman’s claims.

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