Former Trump Aid: Mueller Report Will be a Conspiracy Roadmap for Impeachment

As the mainstream rumors swirl that a Mueller report should be complete as soon as next week, additional rumors are already flowing like a raging river when it comes to what the report may include.

While some political pundits believe that the report will not be so bad for the President, a former Trump aide, Sam Nunberg, has weighed in with his opinion, and it’s quite damning to Mr. Trump.

“I can’t imagine that the special counsel is not going to release something that shows a road map for the House to investigate a conspiracy, to answer it as a political question,” Sam Nunberg said in an interview with MSNBC Thursday.

“Impeachment you mean?” MSNBC’s Katy Tur asked Nunberg.

“Correct—for articles of impeachment,” Nunberg replied.

While Nunberg acknowledged that the Mueller report may avoid actual criminal charges, he said that it was his opinion that the report itself could very well be the foundation of an upcoming impeachment vote which could lead to an eventual trial in the Senate.

It may take weeks for the public to see the report following its completion, if Attorney General Barr even allows for its full release. With that said, the completion of the report will likely just be the start of legal and political troubles for the President, his aides, and his family.

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