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Former Trump ‘Advisory’ Pastor Allegedly Sought Hitman To Kill Son-In-Law

Former Trump ‘Advisory’ Pastor Allegedly Sought Hitman To Kill Son-In-Law

An Evangelical Christian pastor, who served on a spiritual advisory board for President Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, is reportedly being investigated by Illinois police for allegedly conspiring to hire a hitman to kill his son-in-law.

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James MacDonald, a founder of the Harvest Bible Chapel megachurch in Chicago, served on Trump’s Evangelical Faith Council up until October 2016, when the infamous Access Hollywood tape recording was made public.

After the video’s release, which detailed how Trump bragged about grabbing women in their genital areas due to his celebrity status, MacDonald resigned from the board, calling the Republican candidate “lecherous and worthless” in his resignation letter, the Washington Post previously reported.

Presently, however, all eyes are on MacDonald, as he’s under investigation due to his asking two individuals about the prospects of having his former son-in-law murdered.

MacDonald reportedly asked his former bodyguard and current deacon of the church Emmanuel Bucur about the possibility of hiring him to kill MacDonald’s daughter’s former husband Tony Groves as far back as 2015. MacDonald purportedly asked Bucur about killing Groves during a road trip to the Creation Museum, according to reporting from the Christian Post.

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MacDonald asked Bucur during breakfast on the trip if he’d be willing to “take Tony out,” the former bodyguard said. Bucur responded by saying, “Are you asking me what I think you’re asking me?”

MacDonald was apparently concerned at the time about the possibility of photographs of his daughter appearing on pornographic websites due to the couple’s split, Bucur recalled.

Another individual, radio personality Mancow Muller, said that he also recalled MacDonald asking twice in 2018 about the topic, per reporting from Deadstate.

MacDonald was fired from his position at Harvest Bible Chapel in February. The reasons for his dismissal were due to “highly inappropriate recorded comments” on a local radio station, as well as other conduct he engaged in while serving the church.

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