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Former Trump Adviser: We Told President Ukraine/Crowdstrike Theory Was Debunked

Former Trump Adviser: We Told President Ukraine/Crowdstrike Theory Was Debunked

When Donald Trump took office in January of 2017, he named Tom Bossert to be his first Homeland Security Adviser. Bossert served in the position for a little over a year, leaving in April of 2018 after Trump hired John Bolton.

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Bossert, who had previously worked in consulting, now appears as an ABC News Homeland Security analyst. During a Sunday interview with George Stephanopoulos, the former adviser that he had told Trump that the Ukraine conspiracy theory he’s pushing has been debunked.

The former Homeland Security Adviser told the host that many had told Trump that the story was false. “It is completely debunked,” he said.

Bossert blames Rudy Giuliani for repeatedly riling up the President about the story. He continued, “I am deeply frustrated with what he and the legal team is doing and repeating that debunked theory to the president. It sticks in his mind when he hears it over and over again, and for clarity here, George, let me just again repeat that it has no validity.”

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The analyst then criticized Trump’s recent actions, saying, “It is a bad day and a bad week for this president and for this country if he is asking for political dirt on an opponent.”

The former Trump aide did, however, stop short of saying the President committed an impeachable offense. “But it looks to me like the other matter that’s far from proven is whether he was doing anything to abuse his power and withhold aid in order to solicit such a thing,” said Bossert.

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