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Former Top Aide to Ted Cruz Says He’s a Coward for Endorsing Trump

Former Top Aide to Ted Cruz Says He’s a Coward for Endorsing Trump

When the 2016 Republican race for the Presidential nomination began, there were close to 20 candidates. By the time the dust settled, Donald Trump won and Ted Cruz came in second. The two men frequently went after each other with Trump calling Cruz’s wife ugly and accusing his father of killing John F. Kennedy. The Texas senator refused to endorse Trump during the 2016 Republican National Convention.

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One might think that the tension between the two men would have remained over years. But Cruz has become an important surrogate from the President, backing nearly all of his plays. Rick Tyler, who worked on Cruz’s 2016 campaign, says the Texas lawmaker is a “coward” for continuing to endorse Trump.

Tyler made the comments during an appearance on Yahoo’s Skullduggery podcast. He said Cruz is, “just a coward.” The Republican strategist continued:

“You have a choice in this world: You can be a political leader and talk about principle. Or you can do the popular thing — [and] in Texas supporting Trump is a popular thing — and try to hold all your supporters together because you want to maintain power. But you know what? Sometimes you’ve just got to be willing to give up power. Sometimes you’ve got to be willing to stand for the truth.”

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The MSNBC commentator closed his comments, “It would be a very hard thing to do, for Cruz to point out all the times that Trump doesn’t tell the truth or his policies take us in the wrong direction. He would rapidly lose part of his base, which are Trump supporters.”


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