Former Staffer Omarosa: Trump Needs to Be Honest With the Public About His Health [VIDEO]

Anyone who looks at Donald Trump can see that he isn’t exactly healthy. The former president is very overweight. He also uses massive amounts of self tanner which makes his skin appear orange.

Photo Credit: FlickrNBC

While he was in office, there were many people willing to make excuses for him. Doctor Ronnie Jackson, now a Republican congressman, gushed about Trump’s genes and general fitness. and when Trump was sick with COVID, White House doctors were less than honest with the American public about how serious it was.

Omarosa Manigualt Newman knows quite a bit about how Trump operates. After being the breakout star of The Apprentice, she has regularly been in Trump’s employ, including when he was in the White House.

During a weekend MSNBC interview, Omarosa had some advice for Trump if he plans on running again in 202. She told Al Sharpton:

“I think going into 2024, I’m really more concerned about the fact that Donald Trump hasn’t come forward and talked about his health. I don’t know if he will even be healthy enough to run in 2024. I think he needs to come clean to the American people about where he is on that before deciding to get into a very stressful and strenuous race for the White House.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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