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Former Staffer Blasts Lindsey Graham in Scathing Op-Ed

Former Staffer Blasts Lindsey Graham in Scathing Op-Ed

When the 2015 Republican primary began, there was a mix of establishment Republicans like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush and non-politicians like Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson. There was also a giant reality television starring elephant in the room who went by the name of Donald Trump.

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Lindsey Graham was one of the main candidates standing in opposition to Trump’s grip on the party. Over the year, though, the South Carolina senator has become one of Trump’s biggest supporters. Nicholas Connors, an important staffer during Graham’s 2016 campaign, blasted him in a scathing editorial written for The Bulwark.

Connors, who served as the senator’s national director of ballot access and delegates, feels betrayed by his former boss. He began his piece, “I worked for him because I saw him at the time as a man of moral clout who was unafraid to speak his mind and who would be a good guide for the American people.Needless to say, I was wrong.”

The former staffer continues, “Every politician moves and shakes in some way—it’s the nature of the beast. But for Graham, his song and dance has been more aggressive than most. It includes lies, over-the-top rhetoric, immoral conduct, and a direct assault on our democratic institutions.”

Connors closes his column, “What several years ago was a head scratching question—What happened to Lindsey Graham?—is now pretty clear. For Graham, being a United States Senator isn’t about helping Americans or advancing principles. It’s about swimming in the pool of power and feeding off the scraps the big fish leave behind.”

You can read the entire column here

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