Former SNL Writer Says Having Trump Host Was Huge Mistake

Michael Schur, who headed up the Weekend Update writing room on Saturday Night Live has done quite well for himself. Following his stint on SNL, he wrote for The Office then created network hits Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99 and The Good Place.

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Thanks to his career has a writer, Schur has special insight into how politics and television intersect. In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, the writer said that SNL made a “critical mistake” in allowing Donald Trump to host the show in 2016.

Schur was asked about the President hosting gig in 2015 during an appearance on The Last Laugh Podcast.

“That was a critical error and many, many critical errors were made in 2016,” he replied. “Because it wasn’t attacking him, it was tacitly endorsing his existence and normalizing his attitudes and behavior.”

Schur posited that SNL Chief Lorne Michaels had Trump on due to current events. He explained, “Lorne likes it when the people who are being talked about in the culture come on the show.”

The writer said the show wasn’t prepared for the end result. He continued:

“I think most people were—and he was too—kind of blindsided by the fact that that can backfire. It’s never backfired like that before. It’s one thing when Nancy Kerrigan is attacked and then she hosts the show because everyone’s talking about Nancy Kerrigan. Trump was a different story and it was a mistake. No one would say it wasn’t a mistake to put him on the show as just another person who’s being talked about in the culture because that’s not what he was.”

You can listen to the entire podcast interview here

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