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Former Sitcom Star Kirk Cameron Leads 2nd Maskless Caroling Event to Protest CA Lockdowns

Former Sitcom Star Kirk Cameron Leads 2nd Maskless Caroling Event to Protest CA Lockdowns

Donald Trump can always count on his cabal from the “Where Are They Now?” celebrity files to create new and different ways to distract from the terrible things he says and does. Scott Baio tweets about raising money with golf tournaments while also trolling Twitter users for their sobriety before blocking basically everyone who dares to challenge him. James Woods notoriously uses his social media visibility to be an even worse version of himself. The list of has-beens that staunchly remain faithful read like a Who’s Who of “WHO?” Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo, Kristy Swanson…the list goes on.

The COVID19 pandemic has exposed the worst of the worst Trumpocrites, those who defy science and medicine because they want to live their lives like before it all started. As we all do, but this sub-group of anti-vaxxer climate change deniers will do what most of us won’t: selfishly defy orders and endanger others. Leading this duality of dubiousness is Kirk Cameron, who enjoyed the same kind of teen idolatry as Baio, with a similar post-peak livelihood on basic cable or direct-to-video work. Cameron, a devout Christian in the extreme, infamously helmed the “Left Behind” films and is often used as a punchline on Twitter to emphasize just how many losers Trump seems to attract.

Cameron was making headlines on Wednesday for holding a second maskless event at a mall in Thousand Oaks, California, to protest the state’s newest lockdown measures. Despite having been warned to never host another event like it, Cameron had another event like it on Tuesday night. He shared videos of the caroling on his Instagram Story that showed a large crowd of about 100 people standing close together and singing “The First Noel.”

The mall said it had asked that the event not be held there and slammed it as “irresponsible.”

“In regards to the peaceful protest planned for The Oaks this evening, we do not condone this irresponsible — yet constitutionally protected — event. We share your concern and have notified the Sheriff’s office,” the mall said in a Facebook statement on Tuesday.

“I’m looking around in my community and I’m seeing the devastation and the suffering of people whose businesses have been bankrupted,” Cameron said in a television interview last week. “People who have been dealing with anxiety, depression; suicide spiking. The abused being quarantined with their abusers and I can’t just ignore that. I love my neighbors and so I want to give them hope.”

Twitter certainly aired their complaints, although Cameron hasn’t used his Twitter account since 2018.

About 32,300 new cases of the virus are reported in California each day, a sad statistic Governor Gavin Newsom called “historic” and led to the new lockdowns. But the former teen heartthrob also said he plans to continue hosting caroling events.

“This is the land of the free and home of the brave, and there are thousands and thousands of people in our community who would rather not suffer in isolation and come out to sing and express their gratitude,” he said. “We believe there is immunity in community, but there is desolation in isolation.”

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