Former SDNY Official “Confident” Trump Org Individuals Will Be Indicted; Trump & Kids The Ultimate Target

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has been working on an investigation into the Trump Organization for alleged financial crimes. Now a former assistant U.S. Attorney says he’s confident, based on what he’s seen, that it won’t only be the Trump Organization that faces charges as its own entity, but individuals within — and he’s sure that Donald Trump and his oldest kids are on the list.

[Photo by DON EMMERT/AFP via Getty Images]

Recent reports suggest that indictments could hit the Trump Organization as soon as next week. However, Richard Signorelli, former Assistant U.S. Attorney at the SDNY, doesn’t believe it’ll stop there.

In a series of tweets Saturday morning, he laid out some of his expectations. First of all, he’s “confident” that the charges won’t just be for top employees being given under-the-table untaxed benefits (like Allen Weisselberg’s grandkids’ private school tuition, allegedly), but more serious, and for individuals, not just the company as a whole.

He also believes it’s likely that the first round of indictments won’t be the last round, but that once they begin, employees will decide to cooperate with law enforcement, and that the ex-president and his adult children are the ultimate targets.

Signorelli has also warned that if Trump is not hit with a stack of indictments, he’ll do everything in his power to destroy American democracy in hopes of protecting himself from the consequences of his own actions. Trump has continued to influence the Republican party in significant ways even after leaving office, and is endorsing candidates to primary those who dare stand against him.

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