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Former RNC Spokesman Blasts Donald Trump’s Republican Defenders: ‘You Didn’t Save Anything’

Former RNC Spokesman Blasts Donald Trump’s Republican Defenders: ‘You Didn’t Save Anything’

Tim Miller, a former Republican National Committee spokesman and the current political director of Republican Voters Against Trump, exploded at members of his party that try to justify their allegiances to President Donald Trump.

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Specifically, Miller was incensed about an article in New York Magazine entitled “The Tortured Self-Justification of One Very Powerful Trump-Loathing Anonymous Republican” in which the author claims that they and other GOP operatives have served as some sort of check on Trump to stop him from following through with his worst impulses.

“This guy is all of the Republican friends that we used to work for in Washington, people that used to work for me on anti-Trump stuff in 2016 are this guy. And, you know, the thing about it that was the most frustrating for me, Nicolle, because the tortured self-justifications are a dime a dozen these days,” Miller told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday’s edition of Deadline White House.

Miller’s frustration toward people who privately denounce Trump while publicly congratulating themselves for reining him in boils down to one thing – their total hypocrisy.

But there was a line in there how he said that he was there and other people like him, who recognize that Trump is a permanent scar on the face of the country, they were there to prevent the worst stuff from happening. He said that adult life is about contradictions and that is just such malarkey, OK? Adult life is about choices and learning that your choices have consequences. You aren’t a child anymore that gets to do whatever you want and have it both ways. That’s what adult life is about,” Miller said.

Moreover, Miller said that there is simply no evidence that anyone has the power or will to stop Trump from doing anything he wishes.

“And these guys, the political ones in particular, didn’t save anything. I don’t know who this guy is but there was gonna be no difference if Corey Lewandowski, or Bill Mitchell or any other crazy, red hat Trump person had taken their job. They didn’t stop anything,” he said. “And the thing that if they really believed what they said, if they really believed that he was a scar on this country and they wanted to make a difference, they wanted to prevent the worst stuff from happening, they’d do what we’re doing.”

Miller added that if Republicans really cared about the country and bucking Trump, they would have the guts to come forward and share their stories about the administration’s malfeasance. Such was the case with Olivia Troye, a former aide to Vice President Mike Pence, who said she witnessed staffers in the veep’s office refusing to take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously.

“I’m gonna be brutality honest here. I’m not [surprised]. I worked very closely with Marc Short. He was the number one person to act like COVID wasn’t real,” Troye said Monday on CNN. “And when you set the tone on the vice president’s team in that manner as the chief of staff, you’re gonna put everyone around you at risk, including the vice president, who I’m not convinced is completely out of the woods right now.”

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Unfortunately, individuals like Troye are few and far between. Miller believes that unless more insiders break their silence, Republicans who serve the president are complicit in his actions and should stop pretending that they have any integrity.

“They’d do what Olivia [Troye] is doing and speak out. That’s how – and make sure that he doesn’t win for four more years. That’s how you prevent the worst stuff from happening and so it’s that just hypocrisy that drives me up the wall,” Miller said. “Just own it. If you’re gonna be for him and you’re gonna be in there, just own it. Don’t pretend like you’re doing us any favors. You’re not. Olivia is the one doing favors.”

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

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