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Former RNC Chair Steele: 40% of Americans Willing to Say, “I’m With Stupid”

Former RNC Chair Steele: 40% of Americans Willing to Say, “I’m With Stupid”

Since the day he was elected to public office, Donald Trump has had to deal with Never Trumpers. That is, life-long Republicans, who had served within the party, but just couldn’t stomach a Trump presidency. These figures have done everything from making TV appearances to forming groups like the Lincoln Project.

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Michael Steele, who was once the chair of the RNC, recently joined the Lincoln Project. And Steele remains aghast at the Republican voters who still support the President. During an appearance on MSNBC, the former Republicans claimed that these voters are basically saying, “I’m with stupid.”

During Wednesday night’s The 11th Hour, host Brian Williams asked his panel, “You can live your whole life and not hear a president without a sense of stewardship over the country, instead itemized deaths in states run by Democrats. That was the extraordinary part about today.”

Steele replied:

“I’m so exhausted with this president, at this point, in the face of what we see happening on college campuses right now as we turn into fall, we all knew this was coming and yet, this administration has done jack about it. This president stands at a podium today and not only contradicts his CDC director, but basically says he purgered himself under oath before Congress because he is saying something different from Donald Trump. The CDC director is telling us the truth and Donald Trump is literally lying to us and yet, 40% of the country looks at it and goes: ‘Yeah, I’m with stupid.'”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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