Former Republican Officials Discuss Forming New “Center-Right” Party

“The Mooch” and other former Republican officials have had it with Donald Trump’s death grip on the current GOP and have discussed forming a new “center-right” political party. In addition to former Trump administration official/venture capitalist Anthony Scaramucci, former Republican Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania is one of about 120 Republicans who held a conversation last Friday about the possibility of either forming a new political party or a new faction in the existing party that would operate independently from the current GOP.

“Clearly there are a number of Republicans like myself and other Republican leaders who want a clean break from President Trump,” Dent told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday. “We are kind of rallying around some core founding principles like truth and honesty and democracy and rule of law.”

Scaramucci said that Republicans’ votes over the past several days have “fortified a very large group of people” who believe that if the Senate doesn’t convict Trump of the article of impeachment for inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot the “party is going to split into two pieces” so that it’s “diluted and completely weakened.” He added that the new entity would be “a center-right party that will be cooperative with the Democrats and it will liquidate the nonsense on the far-right.”

Dent told CNN that Trump, who is likely to be acquitted and “not be held to account” for his role in inciting the insurrection, will attempt to primary and defeat the Republicans who do vote to convict him and the 10 House Republicans who voted in favor of his second impeachment. “That’s what I’m most fearful of now, that Trump will feel vindicated,” Dent said.

(Photo by Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty Images)
(Photo By Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

He added that it’s important for Republicans like himself to rally around and support GOP Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Fred Upton of Michigan, along with Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah “who stood up for truth, principle and want to make a clean break and want this party to be different.

“What we want is, we don’t want to cling to the past, cling to a man who is disgraced, in any way, shape, or form. We don’t want to follow that man who brought nothing but defeat and misery and insurrection,” Dent said. “Let’s go forward, not backwards.”

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