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Former Pence Adviser: The GOP is All In on Trying to Steal the 2024 Election

Former Pence Adviser: The GOP is All In on Trying to Steal the 2024 Election

Following the January 6th insurrection, Republicans had the chance to make it so that Donald Trump could never run for office again. But the votes in his impeachment trial came up short. Still, the GOP could get rid of him and his toxicity if they want to. Instead, they’ve thrown the entire party to him.

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In an opinion piece for CNN former Pence adviser J. Michael Luttig wrote about the current state of the Republican party. The GOP, says Luttig, is planning on stealing the 2024 Election.

Luttig, who was nominated to the US Court of Appeals by George H.W. Bush, writes, “January 6 was never about a stolen election or even about actual voting fraud. It was always and only about an election that Trump lost fair and square, under legislatively promulgated election rules in a handful of swing states that he and other Republicans contend were unlawfully changed by state election officials and state courts.”

The opinion piece continues:

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“As it stands today, Trump, or his anointed successor, and the Republicans are poised, in their word, to ‘steal’ from Democrats the presidential election in 2024 that they falsely claim the Democrats stole from them in 2020. But there is a difference between the falsely claimed ‘stolen’ election of 2020 and what would be the stolen election of 2024. Unlike the Democrats’ theft claimed by Republicans, the Republicans’ theft would be in open defiance of the popular vote and thus the will of the American people: poetic, though tragic, irony for America’s democracy.”

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