Former NC Governor, Who Limited Bathroom Access, Decries Current Gov’s Limits On Gym Access

Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is very upset that, under current rules due to the pandemic response, he can’t go to a gym yet. He says that these rules are hurting business. When McCrory served as governor, he signed a law that would limit access to bathrooms, costing the state new businesses and interstate commerce.

pat mccrory bathrooms
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

McCrory, who now has his own radio show, tweeted Friday to complain that Phase 2 of reopening the state will allow restaurants and barbers, but will still keep gyms closed. The News & Observer‘s Dawn Vaughan, reporting on a Council of State meeting Friday morning, cited Secretary of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Mandy Cohen, who explained that gyms are considered different from some other businesses not because of sweat and sanitation, but due to heavier breathing during exertion, which she compared to the deeper breathing of a choir, which has been the source of at least one outbreak.

On his radio show, he and co-host Bo Thompson mocked Cohen, twice calling her “Mandy Moore,” laughing and saying, “Whatever!” when corrected. Playing a clip of her discussing reopening, they mocked her voice without addressing the content.

Earlier this week, McCrory complained that he would have to wait for “permission” from his successor to get a haircut.

While McCrory was in office, Governor Roy Cooper, who was then the state’s attorney general, spoke out against McCrory’s own signature legislation, HB2, widely known as “the bathroom bill,” which prevented transgender individuals from accessing the bathroom deemed most safe for them. According to Washington Post at the time, Cooper’s accounting said that the law had cost the state hundreds of jobs and millions in revenue.

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