Former MLB Star And Breitbart Host Curt Schilling Leaves Twitter After Fight With Trevor Bauer

Six-time all-star pitcher and current Breitbart host, Curt Schilling has left Twitter. Schilling deleted his account after an online altercation with star pitcher Trevor Bauer. The two men got into a spat after Schilling made comments about Bauer and his troubles with the Cincinnati Reds. Before that Schilling took a shot at NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. Schilling made disparaging remarks about Wallace before jumping into an ongoing argument between Bauer and Aubrey Huff.

Schilling tweeted that Bubba Wallace was “Jussie Smollett 2.0.” Schilling is accusing Wallace of faking a hate crime referring to the nose Wallace found in his garage. The FBI found that no hate crime had been committed.  Schilling and Bauer went back and forth until Schilling suddenly deleted his account. It is still a mystery as to why he deleted it.

This is not the first time Schilling has said something questionable. He has said many things condemned as racist. He even called former ESPN host Jemele Hill racist and claimed that right-wing people were scared to work at ESPN.  Schilling also claimed that outfielder Adam Jones was not telling the truth about being called the N-word. Schilling also believes that there is a conspiracy against him. He thinks he is not in the hall of fame because he supports Donald Trump.

It is unclear whether Schilling will return to Twitter or not. Right now it seems that Bauer has won the round. It will be interesting to hear if Schilling explains the deletion, and what controversial comment he will make next.


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