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Former Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney Accused Of Trying To Cash In On $2 Million Bond

Former Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney Accused Of Trying To Cash In On $2 Million Bond

John Pierce, Former Rittenhouse attorney

John Pierce, who left the Kyle Rittenhouse case after questions were raised about his financial troubles, is now being accused by a former client of trying to get a cash advance against Rittenhouse’s bond.

John Pierce accused of threatening wife
[Photo of John Pierce With Rittenhouse Family via John Pierce/Twitter]

In a 19-minute video, Gordon Rose levels a long list of allegations. He says that he’s a former client of Pierce, and a supporter of Rittenhouse, who is charged with murder for shooting two Black Lives Matter protestors. However, he thinks Pierce handled Rittenhouse’s case badly — he accuses him of trying to use the case for his own enrichment.

Speaking from the position of sympathy for the shooter, Rose accuses Pierce of exploiting him via legal fees, and hogging the spotlight. He complains that Pierce attacked other Rittenhouse supporters on Twitter, and we’ll come back to that shortly. He also alleges that Pierce dodged fees on ‘Free Kyle’ merch.

Some of his accusations, however, go deeper.

He claims that Pierce attempted to get a cash advance on Kyle Rittenhouse’s $2 million bond, which was raised by donations (including a few bigger ones).

According to Sunlight Reports, this reflects some other issues with the bond, such as that the donations were made to a non-profit, but the bond was paid with a check from Pierce’s law firm.

Starting at the 16-minute mark, Rose plays a conversation he says he recorded with Pierce. It’s initially about another client — Amanda Ensign, who Pierce and Rose say is a victim of ‘cancel culture’ who lost contracts for being ‘conservative.’ (NY Post has that story — she lost contracts over posts on January 6th, when she said, among other things, “There’s not enough popcorn in the world for what’s about to happen.” What happened, of course, was a deadly insurrection attempt.)

At the 18 minute mark, though, John Pierce begins to complain about being kicked off the #FightBack fund, and suggests he’ll be starting another similar project collecting donations.

He never specifically addresses Rose’s prior claims, only reveals that he’s still got his eye on the funding aspect.

Now, let’s look back at the Twitter situation mentioned earlier.

Pierce has been lashing out at the Free Kyle USA account. He tried to hint that the money being raised on Rittenhouse’s behalf through that account was being mismanaged, and complained about recorded and publicly shared conversations.

Sure enough, there’s a history in which the Free Kyle USA account calls out Lin Wood and John Pierce over funding, saying that Kyle’s mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, has been seeking an accounting of all money that went through those two, and has gotten no answers.

One side note: even as Rose scolds Pierce for failing to donate his legal services, he complains about Pierce not paying an invoice for Free Kyle merch he printed — services he apparently did not donate.

Ultimately, it appears that infighting over who should manage money for Kyle Rittenhouse, and who can’t be trusted with it, is growing to a fever pitch — but the allegations against Pierce, in particular, are that he tried to get a cash advance on money donated for Rittenhouse, and that he and Lin Wood won’t give Wendy Rittenhouse an accounting of the funds they managed.

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