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Former ICE Director Said He Wanted To Give Democratic Lawmaker ‘A Beating’ During Hearing Last Week

Former ICE Director Said He Wanted To Give Democratic Lawmaker ‘A Beating’ During Hearing Last Week

Speaking on “Fox & Friends” earlier this week, former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement head Tom Homan expressed how he wanted to beat up a Democratic Congressman on the floor of the House during a committee hearing last week.

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Rep. Jesús “Chuy” Garcia (D-Illinois) engaged Homan on Friday over his handling of the agency. Garcia was critical over several aspects of ICE, including the family separation policy that was implemented last summer and the deaths of several child migrants that have been reported on in the past year.

“Do you not care? Is it because these children do not look like children that are around you? I don’t get it. Have you ever held a deceased child in your arms?” Garcia asked.

Homan responded by shouting back at him.

“I’ve served my country 34 years and yes, I held a five-year-old boy in my arms,” Homan said. “For you to sit there and insult my integrity and my love of my country and for children, that’s why this whole thing needs to be fixed.”

Garcia persisted, still, because, as he pointed out, many psychological studies have demonstrated that long-term detentions and separation of migrant children from their parents can have devastating effects — including, as an article from the American Psychological Association notes, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.

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On Monday, Homan let loose his emotions on the hearing, including how he had wanted to physically confront Garcia.

“I hesitated a minute before I started yelling because I actually [thought] about getting up and throwing that man a beating right there in the middle of the room,” Homan said. “Because when you tell somebody that spent their career saving lives that I don’t care about dying children and I’m a racist, that’s where I broke and that’s where I had enough.”

Homan’s comments over how he’s not racist may carry little weight with many, however, given that the former acting ICE director came out this week defending President Donald Trump’s recent tweets attacking a group of Democratic Congresswomen of color, which a majority of Americans have deemed as bigoted.

According to Media Matters, Homan said Trump was “exactly right” in targeting the four lawmakers in the controversial tweets that the president authored.

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