Former House Republican Lawyer Blasts Trump on Way out of the Party

Sophia Nelson first decided to become a Republican after hearing Jack Kemp speak at her college. She became a lawyer and worked with former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman. She also served the party as a counsel for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee.

Larry French/Getty Images

The lawyer, though, no longer works for the Republicans. In fact, she doesn’t even identity as a member of the party anymore. Over the weekend, Nelson penned an op-ed slamming Donald Trump and the GOP lawmakers who have enabled his behavior.

While Nelson says she will not become a Liberal, she can’t be a Republican anymore. “The Democratic Party has problems of its own, but that is not my fight,” she wrote. “I am not a Democrat, and will never be one. But the party of Trump is shrinking, whitening and aging as it tries to hold onto power in a more diverse America.”

The lawyer continued:

“That Republican party is gone. This new Republican Party is beholden to a lawless, immoral, godless man. I have watched people I have known for decades twist themselves into human pretzels to defend him, excuse him, exalt him. The current state of the GOP is not good for anyone in our two-party system that breaks down without lawmakers who can work together, and move legislation forward.”

Nelson can currently be seen working as a legal analyst for MSNBC. You can read her full piece here


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