Former GOP Strategist Wilson: Republicans Have Unleashed “Monster” on the Country

Donald Trump has frequently bragged over the last couple of months that he has overwhelming support over the Republican party. One thing he fails to mention during the boastful sessions are all the former Conservatives who have left the party.

Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company

One of those GOP departures is Rick Wilson who once worked on campaigns for George W. Bush and Rudy Giuliani. In a recent column for the Daily Beast, Wilson blamed Republicans for unleashing a monster on the country.

The political strategist wrote, “The recently acquitted and utterly guilty president of the United States, King Donald the Malevolent, let his rage, manias, and petty vengeances out to play, bellowing like a third-world warlord in a display of political performance art that was almost unbearably grotesque in its affront to American values, the law, and our collective sanity.”

Wilson continued, “Like all authoritarians, Trump was sending a crisp signal that he is above the law. This was the core of it all, the triumph of corruption. The praise of his allies had a sting to it, though most were too dumb or too scared to understand it.”

The pundit finished his comments by writing:

“Trump knows he can break the law, lie with vigor, obstruct justice, threaten Americans with political and personal retribution, shame the presidency, endanger the country, enrich himself and his goon spawn, and nothing can be done to stop him. The monster is out of the cage. The Republicans set him free.”

You can read Wilson’s entire column here

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