Former GOP Senator William Cohen Says It May Be Time For Republicans to Start a New Party

There are plenty of Republicans who like what Donald Trump has to say. The outgoing president, of course, received 75 million votes this November.

Photo by Gabe Souza/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

There are also a lot of Republicans who hate what Trump has to say and what he has done to the party. This includes William Cohen who was an 18 year GOP senator from Maine. During a recent interview with CNN, he talked about how important it is for Republicans to separate themselves from Trump.

Cohen told host Jim Acosta that Trump has essentially ruined the GOP. “He is going to continue to snap the whip whether he’s in office or out of office,” he said. “Maybe it’s time for a new party. One that abides by the rule of law… but also faithful to the people of this country, who vote to elect them.”

The former senator continued, “He is always going to up the ante, he cannot be satisfied. There’s nothing in him. There’s no moral core and so they are going to be extorted or bribed in order to avoid a primary in 2022 or 2024.”

Cohen then moved onto Josh Hawley, the Missouri senator challenging the election results. “Senator Hawley wants to be the first out of the box to say ‘I’m the new Trump,'” he said. “I think it is just shameful that the senator is going to do this and those senators who are lining up to support Senator Hawley, they have to understand—they are going to have to keep doing it over and over again, whenever the ringmaster cracks the whip.”

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