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Former GOP Senator David Perdue Officially Announces Primary Challenge to Brian Kemp for GA Gov

Former GOP Senator David Perdue Officially Announces Primary Challenge to Brian Kemp for GA Gov

As we’ve been covering since early September, Donald Trump is personally hand-picking candidates loyal to his “America First” platform to challenge GOP incumbents who have somehow slighted the Former Guy. We’ve seen Trump’s choices challenging every Republican running for re-election in the 2022 midterms who dared vote for his second impeachment or commit other perceived disloyalties. Trump’s choices have ranged from a QAnon cultist with ties to Nazi sympathizers to another QAnon cultist from Alabama.

Everyone knows Trump has a personal vendetta against Georgia because they just wouldn’t change his L to a W, so he’s doing all he can to make sure the state spontaneously combusts or something. Aside from endorsing documented domestic abuser Herschel Walker to challenge Raphael Warnock, who had the audacity to assume the pulpit of the same church as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Trump waited until Stacey Abrams announced her second attempt to be the first Black woman and first person of color to be Governor of Georgia before giving a tiny orange thumbs-up to his own terrible ticket.

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Trump’s choice is former Senator and alleged inside trader David Perdue, who lost his reelection bid in a runoff in January to Democrat Jon Ossoff. In his official campaign kickoff statement, Perdue says he’s running to “make sure Stacey Abrams is NEVER Governor of Georgia,” which is about all of the reason anyone who doesn’t want to see a Black woman succeed needs to hear.

But Perdue faces a tough challenge from Kemp, who already has strong backing from state Republicans. The Republican Governors Association, which has said it will support GOP incumbents who face primary challenges. “We intend to protect our incumbents and keep our red states red,” said Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona, who is the co-chairman of the RGA.

Then there’s the fact that if Trump is backing you, you’re essentially doomed. If you don’t win, he’ll blame you, not the voters. But wait, even if you lose, you can challenge the results with a “forensic audit” like Joe Kent is already planning to do in his challenge against Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler in Washington State’s 3rd district.

Should be a fun bunch of midterms.

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