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Former GOP Rep. Susan Molinari: “Diseased Republican Party is 3 Years Away From Being Fringe”

Former GOP Rep. Susan Molinari: “Diseased Republican Party is 3 Years Away From Being Fringe”

At one time, Susan Molinari was considered to be the future of the Republican party. In 1996, the moderate Republican was asked to give the keynote address at the Republican National Convention. She later left politics for opportunities in TV and media.

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But Molinari reemerged on the political scene last year to back Joe Biden during the Democratic National Convention. She also has fears about what’s become of the GOP. During a weekend appearance on MSNBC, she said Republicans are 3 or 4 years away from being on the “fringe.”

The former Staten Island Representative told Jonathan Capehart, “I think actually the Republican Party can become the fringe party, the party that we won’t recognize in the next three or four years unless some aggressive leadership steps forward. I think it’s that serious. It’s not just Marjorie Taylor Greene. It’s serious. How [House Minority] Leader Kevin McCarthy deals with this will tell us a lot.”

Molinari continued, “When we look at what’s happening in the South Carolina GOP wants to censure — it’s not just Marjorie Taylor Greene, it’s a disease flowing through the Republican Party.”

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The one-time congresswoman closed her remarks, “I’m not going to leave the party yet because I want to stand up as long as Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger are being brave. Me sitting in my living room feels like I owe them time to see that they can re-establish this Republican Party and back them up in any way that I can.”


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