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Former GOP Rep. Says There is ‘No Crisis’ on US-Mexico Border

Former GOP Rep. Says There is ‘No Crisis’ on US-Mexico Border

Asked whether there is, in fact, a “crisis” on the U.S.-Mexico border as President Donald Trump has claimed, former GOP Representative Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) said that while both human trafficking and drug trafficking exist, they “are not at a crisis level.”

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“That is political framing. That is the president trying to get his base upset, exicted, however people want to characterize it, but there is no crisis at the border.”

“I visited the Southwest border in 2010 when I was working for United States Senator George Lemieux of Florida,” he continued. “There was a crisis back then. Things at the border have gotten a lot better over the last 12 years. We’re seeing the number of people attempting to cross illegally drop dramatically, so no, I would not characterize this as a crisis, and I hope that the president will be honest tonight, will be sincere with the American people and say, ‘Look, it’s not a crisis. Could we do better? Absolutely!’ I think most Americans agree we could do better on the Southwest border, but no, it’s not a crisis.”

The president has requested major networks grant him airtime tonight so he can address border security, a move many view as an opportunity for him to fire up his base.

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Many have parrotted the president’s unfounded claims, and Fox and Friends — the president’s favorite television programs — has stood by the White House’s false statistic about thousands of alleged terrorists being apprehended at the southern border even after Fox’s Chris Wallace showed the claim was baseless.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared on the program last week and claimed that “last year alone, there were nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists” arrested along our nation’s southern border. Wallace fact-checked her statement and found that, according to the State Department, there is “no credible evidence” that terrorists have crossed the border at all. Moreover, the statistic Sanders cited actually includes all apprehensions, most of which took place at airports.

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