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Former GOP Rep. Justin Amash: Don’t Turn Liz Cheney Into a Hero

Former GOP Rep. Justin Amash: Don’t Turn Liz Cheney Into a Hero

When it became clear that Donald Trump had lost the 2020 election, a handful of Republicans spoke out against him. 10 congresspeople and 7 senators even voted for the former president to be impeached.

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But those lawmakers were mostly silent during Trump’s 4 year presidency. Justin Amash was not silent. Because of their embrace of Trump, Amash left the Republican party to become a Libertarian. And during a recent podcast appearance, Amash recommended against making people like Liz Cheney out to be heroes.

The former Republican wondered where Cheney was when he took his stand. He told David Axelrod, “She didn’t stand up for that view,” he said Thursday. “We had four years where she could have stood up and said, ‘There’s a problem here. What Donald Trump is doing is wrong.'”

Amash continued, “Liz Cheney, what is it that you saw that made it so different for you versus how Trump was behaving, say, before January 6th? I mean, I don’t think there was any radical difference there. It was the same… because the outcome was different? Because that was the one time they stormed the Capitol?”

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The former congressman closed his comments, “One of the biggest problems we have in politics is that when someone is inconsistent like that, where they’re doing the wrong thing for four years and then they flip on a dime, there’s a tendency to turn them into heroes. And I think that’s a huge problem because it lets people get away with things.”


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