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Former GOP Head Michael Steele Explains Why Chris Wallace Left Fox News [VIDEO]

Former GOP Head Michael Steele Explains Why Chris Wallace Left Fox News [VIDEO]

In a shock moment Sunday afternoon, Chris Wallace announced that he was leaving the Fox News network. Even more shocking was the revelation that the long-time journalist will now be working for CNN.

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Wallace had long stood as one of the few Fox anchors willing to ask GOP lawmakers tough questions. During an appearance on MSNBC this weekend, Michael Steele discussed the likely reasons behind the host’s departure.

Jonathan Capehart began by asking the former GOP chair why this was a big deal. “I think it is because, by and large, Chris has been a port in the storm, if you will, in the political storms that we’ve engaged in,” Steele responded. “He has been that source of speaking truth to power, keeping the journalism honest to the best of his abilities. I would suspect that while the statement he made was true, that they, quote, ‘didn’t interfere with or let him book or ask questions the way’ he wanted, that there was growing pressure on that and, you know, being the guy that he is, he wasn’t having any of it. The abruptness of it.”

The pundit continued:

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We watched our good friend Brian Williams step down this week after announcing over a month ago that this was his plan and so forth, and that’s typically how that’s done. If you want to compare and contrast how one leaves a network they’ve been associated with for 18 years, you get a sense of how you do it when Brian left. We woke up this morning and were like, ‘excuse me, what?’ It speaks to a lot about people with credibility inside the Republican Party and inside journalism having to deal with the sort of Trump faction going on — I’m done.”

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