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Former GOP Gov. Schwarzengger Blasts Republicans Over Voter Suppression Efforts

Former GOP Gov. Schwarzengger Blasts Republicans Over Voter Suppression Efforts

Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California in 2003. He did so as a proud Republican. And despite his ongoing feud with Trump, the movie star remains a Republican, he has a number of problems with how the current incarnation of the GOP is acquitting itself.

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The former California governor is well-known for his passion for the environment. Another issue that concerns Schwarzenegger is access to the voting booth. And in a recent interview with CNN, he slammed his party for restring the vote.

During an interview with Michael Smerconish, the actor said, “I felt strongly that I should invest in our democracy. and that means that I was — I recognize the fact that we had closed so many polling stations since 2013, since the Supreme Court made that decision, that we don’t really need Voting Rights Act anymore.”

Schwarzenegger continued, “And since then, they closed 1600 polling stations. And really has an effect, I felt, that was, you know, kind of unjustifiable. That minorities in the South weren’t able to vote exactly the same way we were voting everywhere else.”

The former governor also took a shot at Trump during the interview. When the subject turned to the outgoing president, he said:

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“I think with Trump it was very simply, you know, four years ago, they voted for Trump because he promised them a certain amount of things. I think the second time, when you get re-elected or want to get re-elected it’s more about what promises did you keep. And how did you perform as the leader. And I think that’s where, obviously, he fell short. So, this is why he was voted out.”


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