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Former GOP David Jolly: Graham and Gaetz Look Like Fools

Former GOP David Jolly: Graham and Gaetz Look Like Fools

The Trump impeachment effort has now been going on for over a month. The Republican effort to fight against the inquiry has grown more and more spirited each day. This week, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz led a sit-in during a congressional hearing and Lindsey Graham co-sponsored a bill condemning the inquiry.

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Former Florida Republican congressman David Jolly thinks that these are measures are no more than grandstanding. Jolly told MSNBC that rather than helping the President, Gaetz and Graham look like fools.

The former lawmaker feels that Republicans should be acting more professionally. “What we’re seeing from House Republicans, frankly, is this childish behavior,” said Jolly. “They’re displaying an arrogance, an anger, an immaturity — they look like fools.”

The former Florida Rep. also felt that the GOP needs to change their strategy. “What Republicans should be doing … and I struggle with even saying this because they’re on the wrong side of history and I hate to give them counsel that I think is accurate,” he continued. “Stop arguing about the process. Stop doing the sit-ins. Stop doing the stupid stuff that is not believable. Frankly, the American people don’t care about the process.”

Jolly ended the segment by taking shots directly at Matt Gaetz and Lindsey Graham. “From Lindsey Graham’s stupidity to Matt Gaetz’s stupidity, get that to a concise argument,” said Jolly.

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