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Former GOP Congressman Lies About Solar Panels and Windmills Then Blames AOC for Texas Power Shortages

Former GOP Congressman Lies About Solar Panels and Windmills Then Blames AOC for Texas Power Shortages

Fox News contributor Sean Duffy, a former Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, falsely claimed on Thursday that solar panels and windmills only work in warm and sunny weather and that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and the Green New Deal – which does not exist in law – are to blame for power shortages in Texas during Winter Storm Uris.

Photo: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

Duffy suggested to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that solar and wind technologies were based on the Green New Deal, a policy so loathed by conservatives that to them it has shattered the arrow of time.

Duffy also intimated that the failures in the Texas power grid – which are independent of the rest of the country and privately run – are AOC’s fault.

“Does AOC think we’re stupid? The bottom line is you had windmills that froze. We have windmills because of concepts and policies that come from the Green New Deal,” said Duffy. “And so, windmills don’t work when it’s freezing and solar panels don’t work when it’s really cloudy and snowy out.”

None of those things are true.

Duffy then said that “we need fossil fuels. I’m not – I’m all about saying can we make a transition to greener energy? Yes, but we’re not ready for it.”

Humanity has less than a decade to significantly eliminate carbon emissions if it hopes to stave off environmental catastrophe.

“And you have windmills and solar panels and not enough gas and coal supporting your grid, you have huge problems that you see in Texas,” Duffy continued.

Texas generates almost all of its energy from fossil fuels.

AOC “was talking about global warming,” Duffy said before invoking the timelessly idiotic “it’s cold at point x therefore global warming is fake” trope.

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“We have a freeze in Texas, now they’re going to climate change, and that the media actually backs her up and doesn’t call her out on this stupidity it outrageous, Maria. It doesn’t make any sense,” Duffy complained.

“These policies have hurt the most vulnerable people in the country and in Texas,” he added. “The ones who don’t have the money to get out or buy a generator are the ones who are hurt most, the poorest among us.”

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:


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