Former GOP Chair Michael Steele Says We Have to “Unelect The Bastards” That Support Trump’s Election Lies

For many years, Michael Steele worked hard on getting Republicans elected to office. And while he has yet to leave the party, he is trying hard to reform it.

Photo by Ronen Tivony/NurPhoto via Getty Images

He partly does this by working with the Lincoln Project. Steele also acts as a pundit on the MSNBC network. During a Thursday night segment on Nicolle Wallace’s show, Steele called on the public to “unelect the bastards” who are enabling Donald Trump.

The former RNC chair began, “We just need to stop talking about these people as if this is somehow commonplace, normal, to even have that debate. No, we’re not going to debate ‘do we overthrow the government today or do we go get coffee?’ No, we’re not having that debate! Let’s call out what Trump and his ilk are doing and continuing to stoke.”

Wallace then asked, “Why are we indulging the feelings of people like Kevin McCarthy and Congressman [Paul] Gosar, who wants to have it both ways, who wants to be in bed with that same grave threat, and remain a member in good standing in Congress? Why aren’t there sanctions for people who lay down with people who, in the words of the last Republican standard-bearer, represent the same grave threat to our homeland as the terrorists who attacked us on September 11th?”

Steele answered, “The external sanction is what we the voters do, what we the people do. You unelect these bastards! That’s what you do. You don’t give them another shot, another bite at the apple, another strike at the gold ring of Congress. You don’t further empower them.”

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