Former GOP Candidate Calls For MAGA Militias To Prepare For Trump’s ‘Green Light’

DeAnna Lorraine, who was running for Congress until she lost her primary in March, was offering political commentary on her podcast Wednesday when she called for militias to prepare. She was calling for right-wingers to take their guns and protect monuments that are being pulled down, when she began to postulate on militias. A lot of people are “waiting for a green light” from “President Trump or someone else” telling them to grab their guns and go, she says. However, she’s concerned that the people who would be responding to such a call aren’t organizing and preparing in groups.

gop candidate on trump green light militias
[Screenshot via DeAnna Lorraine/YouTube]

Right Wing Watch caught Lorraine encouraging Proud Boys and “MAGA guys and girls” to organize, lest they be “outmatched” by ” little, skinny, soy boy antifas.”

It’s hard to fight when we don’t necessarily have a very clear commander. You know, President Trump is obviously our
commander-in-chief, but you know, I think a lot of us are waiting for a green light, where someone — whether it be President Trump or someone else — says, “Okay everyone, grab your guns. You go here, you go there, you go there, and let’s organize and fight back.”

But there’s a lack of organization here, and we have to be realistic too, you know. It’s not necessarily so realistic for Trump to just shout that out on Twitter. I mean, that that would be kind of a precarious position for him to put himself in right? If he literally says those words and gives that green light that we’re all waiting for. So I believe that this is the time for us to stand up and get organized and in small or large groups city by city and start taking back our cities.

She goes on to say that if people hear that a statue is about to come down, or looting and rioting, that’s when it’s time to mobilize these militias and take matters into their own hands.

DeAnna Lorraine has been expressing concerns about the fate of statues and monuments for weeks now, even claiming earlier this month that the Statue of Liberty is at risk.

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