Former Ghostwriter on Trump: The Deaths Don’t Matter to Him

Few people have an idea of how Donald Trump works better than Tony Schwartz. The author spent significant time with the President in the 1980’s to help him pen his biography. The resulting work was the famous Art of the Deal.

Photo by Chris Williamson/Getty Images

Schwartz has come to regret the way that his book normalized the President and regularly discusses Trump on cable news. During a recent appearance on Ari Melber’s show, the author claimed that the COVID-19 death don’t effect the Commander in Chief.

“I’ve always assumed like most people have that the primary motivation is to be loved and admired and recognized and praised” Schwartz said at the beginning of the segment. “That is a motivation but the deeper motivation is domination, is to win. And that is a function of the fact that he has no conscience.”

The author continued, “And let’s be clear. No conscience. [Trump has] an enormous advantage in a situation where most people would be limited by their respect for the truth and by their concern for how they were going to have an impact on others.”

Schwartz closed his comments by referencing the current COVID-19 death toll that is inching to 90,000. “The deaths, I know this is extreme, the deaths don’t matter to him. If it’s this decision between saving himself and saving others, it is no contest.”

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