Former Fox News Host Melts Down When BBC Asks Him One Sensitive Question

Former Fox anchor Eric Bolling walked out of a BBC interview on Wednesday after being called out for his support of the Georgia’s new voter suppression initiatives.

Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

In 2020 and 2021, Georgia helped win Joe Biden the White House and gave Democrats control of the senate. African American voters were a huge part of that success. In response, Republicans in the state are trying to make it much more difficult for Black people to vote.

Conservative pundits, of course, have tried to paint the laws as a way to combat illegal voting. But there is absolutely no evidence that there was widespread voter fraud in the state in 2020.

Bolling was debating Aisha Mills. Mills opined, “I think it’s really rich for any Republican, especially a white man, to run around and claim they care about the economic condition of Black communities and Black businesses when that’s all a lie.” After the Conservative tried to defend himself, Mills pressed:

“I am … a Black person in America. Everything that these voting laws stand for … is all about racial discrimination. How dare you try to act like you are somehow a proponent of Black people and businesses just to make a point and try to create a wedge? It’s ignorant and it’s just disrespectful.”

An irate Bolling yelled, “You know what? That’s disgusting. I’m done. Put me off. That’s disgusting. I am nowhere near anything you are painting me to be, and the problem with America politics is exactly that. Because I’m white, you think I’m racist? That’s BS. I’m done.”

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