Former Fox News Contributor Blasts Her Former Network Over Covid-19 Coverage

Democratic strategist and former Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky blasted the state-sponsored network for spreading patently false information and showing total disregard for the severity of coronavirus.

Joining CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday for a conversation on how several of Fox News’ most notable hosts recklessly downplayed the seriousness of the virus to shield our idiot president before ultimately covering it in a serious fashion, Roginsky called this “worse than malpractice” several days ago and called out many hosts for playing a role in stoking misinformation among the very age group that’s most susceptible.

“The Fox News viewership is on average 65 years old. They’re people who are much more susceptible than the average person as a result of their age to the virus, and they’re doing a disservice to their own viewers,” Roginsky said. “That’s the biggest problem of all in this quest to protect the president, in this quest to make it look like the president is doing everything right.”

She also referred to a since-deleted post on Medium that was reposted by human Trump’s polyp Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

Stop trying to downplay this. This is not a joke. I’ve heard from people on social media, former Fox viewers who are still in touch with me, who for months have said that this is no big deal, this is a Democratic hoax to try to take down the president. And instead of saying ‘look, we have to do the right thing by our own audience, our vulnerable-aged audience,’ they continue to equivocate and say, ‘well maybe this is a big deal, but maybe not as big a deal as other people have said. Maybe it’s just political.’ That’s not right. It not right toward their own audience. They need to stop.

Indeed, our idiot president and his enablers in the media are 100 percent responsible for any death or sickness that might have occurred due to their criminal downplaying of this massively serious pandemic.

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