Former FL. Gov Charlie Crist Hints That He May Run Against DeSantis Next Year

Florida Rep. Charlie Crist has had an interesting political career. At one point, he was one of the more popular Republican lawmakers in the country. He was elected the Governor of Florida in 2007, but he later left the GOP and became a Democrat.

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And Crist was elected to the House of Representatives as a Democrat in 2017. But he may have his eyes on a bigger prize. On Sunday he told CNN that he may run against Governor Ron DeSantis next year.

Crist first criticized DeSantis for celebrating his COVID-19 performance. “Of course it’s premature,” he said. “I’m an old football player and you don’t celebrate a touchdown until you get in the end zone. We’re not in the end zone on this thing yet.”

Host Pamela Brown then asked Crist if he would consider running for Governor next year. “I have not made that decision or concluded that as yet,” replied Crist, “but I am getting closer to it by the day.”

Brown continued, What does that mean? Where do you stand today?” The former Governor continued, “Where I stand today is that I’m giving it serious consideration, and by getting closer to it by the day, it’s like what I told you about, you know, I’m an old football player. I’m about on the 10 yard line, probably going in the end zone. Hope so.”

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