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Former Federal Prosecutor Thinks Donald Trump Will Ultimately Skirt Justice

Former Federal Prosecutor Thinks Donald Trump Will Ultimately Skirt Justice

Former President Donald Trump may not face prosecution for crimes committed through the Trump Organization, Daniel Goldman, an MSNBC legal analyst and former federal prosecutor said on Deadline White House on Thursday afternoon.

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Although former Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg surrendered to authorities in New York City on a battery of indictments ranging from conspiracy to fraud, Goldman explained to host Nicolle Wallace that the buck may ultimately stop short of criminal charges getting filed against Trump:

First of all, there’s no question that the D.A.’s office approached the Trump Organization and said, ‘This is what we’re going to charge you with. You can make a pitch to have us not charge you, or we can engage in settlement negotiations.’ And this type of case, as Alan Futerfas – the Trump Organization lawyer – said [today], is often settled civilly. If the Trump Organization wanted to, my guess is they could have engaged in good faith negotiations to try to settle this case with a fine and perhaps avoid a guilty plea or a conviction. They chose to fight this. That says something. It’s typical of Donald Trump. But I am a little surprised that this ultimately ended based on these allegations in a criminal charge rather than a settlement.

Second of all, they’ve already taken a run at Allen Weisselberg. They have also approached Allen Weisselberg, I am certain, and said, ‘This is what we have. We would like you to cooperate.” Allen Weisselberg said, “Thanks but no thanks, I’m not going to cooperate. I’ll take my chances.’

The fact that Weisselberg refused to flip on his ex-boss only bolsters Goldman’s prediction:

He’s not facing that much jail time. And I don’t think there’s any more pressure to add to him based on the fact that he was in handcuffs today. He knew that was coming. He made that conscious decision to get arrested and get indicted rather than cooperate.And so I don’t think we have any good reason to suspect that he is going to cooperate down the road. So I don’t see why there would be additional charges against the Trump Organization unless new evidence comes in.

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He added that it is unlikely that investigators will stumble across additional evidence for further action:

My guess is that they’ve evaluated this evidence. I don’t really see any statute of limitations issues in this indictment that would have required them to do this now as opposed to later, which could be a reason why they’re going to bifurcate any charges. So, it’s a little confusing to me if they have more, why they would charge this. And for that reason, common sense leads me to believe that they’re not going to have any more.

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