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Former FBI Director: Every January 6th Case Must Be Prosecuted

Former FBI Director: Every January 6th Case Must Be Prosecuted

In a new op-ed, James Comey, the former FBI director who was fired by then-President Donald Trump, explains why it’s so important for every single case stemming from the attack on the Capitol last January to be seen through to justice. Comey addresses those Federal law enforcement agents who would write off some of the more ‘minor’ cases as “just trespassing” and let them go — and lays out why, regardless of party affiliation, everyone should want the same.

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Comey was fired only a few months into Trump’s term as President, as the New York Times reports, resulting in speculation that it was Trump’s attempt to dodge the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, and his acceptance of the same. Trump would go on in later interviews to suggest the same, that removing Comey was a way to ease his own path.

Comey went on to release a book in which he described Trump’s efforts to get a promise of ‘loyalty’ from him. Now, he’s putting his two cents in on the January 6th investigation.

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Comey said he’d heard multiple FBI agents around the country suggest that cases that would only be charged as trespassing didn’t matter so much. He disagrees.

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“…because surely you agree on one thing: Jan. 6 can’t happen again. No Americans, whatever their politics, whatever their personal grievances, can ever again try to interfere in the operation of laws governing the election of a president. We have a Constitution and statutes and courts so a mob can’t rule in the United States.”

Comey says that typically, prosecution is about keeping the accused from offending again, but in this case, it’s about sending a message to anyone, of any party affiliation or ideology, that in the future, if they join a mob trying to prevent Congress from carrying out their job, even “merely trespassing” will be taken very seriously.

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