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Former FBI Agent Says Surge of Right-Wing Terrorism Is His ‘Big Fear Going Into 2021’

Former FBI Agent Says Surge of Right-Wing Terrorism Is His ‘Big Fear Going Into 2021’

Former FBI Special Agent Clint Watts said Saturday that the growing number of domestic terror plots and attacks perpetrated by right-wing extremists is the most significant challenge facing Joe Biden’s incoming presidential administration and that it is his “big fear going into 2021.”

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Watts explained to MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross:

I honestly believe at this point what we saw happen at the Capitol was just a harbinger of a series of events or a series of threats that we’ll see over the next many months and even throughout the year.

If you can think about what we’ve witnessed in these different groups – So, Boogaloo Bois, some of these accelerationists who are trying to foment a second Civil War, who are trying to race to bring this about, they’re not going to go away. For them, it’s about these big moments and being out there. You’re showing pictures that are highly emblematic of that kind of thought.

Then we have more organized groups, which are militia-type groups, which have been signaling that they should stand down right now because they see that there’s a large military and law enforcement presence in the Capitol. But they’re not going away either. They’re talking about, ‘we need to take time, we need to wait.’

I think it’s gonna be a massive challenge for the new Biden administration to unify people, particularly if elected leaders continue to incite and foment this sort of chaos, and continue to point. And we’ve been lucky in one sense during the pandemic, where there has not been large, mass gatherings of targets. I expect that will change as the year goes on. And so when we think about domestic terrorism, I’d like to remind and jump people back to the 90s, when they were talking about Eric Rudolph, Timothy McVeigh, you know, the Atlanta and Oklahoma City bombings. That’s my big fear going into 2021.

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