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Former DOJ Official: Trump is Talking ‘Like a Mob Boss’ and ‘Like the Head of a Drug Cartel’

Former DOJ Official: Trump is Talking ‘Like a Mob Boss’ and ‘Like the Head of a Drug Cartel’

Yesterday’s news of Michael Cohen’s plea deal sent shockwaves across the nation. Just about every news outlet has been talking about the ramifications and the implications of Cohen now admitting to lying to Congress in regards to details and timelines of a planned Trump Tower Moscow deal between Trump and the Kremlin.

With this said, the focus has also been on President Trump’s reactions to this latest turn of events in the Trump / Russia investigation.

This morning on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’, former Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller gave his opinion of Trump’s claims on the White House south lawn yesterday that Michael Cohen is just a weak liar in search of a lighter sentence.

“The president is talking like a mob boss,” Miller explained. “He’s talking like the head of a drug cartel, not like the President of the United States who’s sworn oath to the Constitution to uphold the Constitution and take care that the laws be faithfully executed. I think we get so used to the president acting the way he does that this stuff kind of just roles off our backs.”

Miller then went on to explain how he believes Trump has violated his oath of office in making some of his statements.

“I think it really was a remarkable moment to see the president talking about how people who cooperate with law enforcement are weak and people who don’t cooperate, or lie to the Justice Department are strong.  Awful moment for the president and awful moment for the country.”

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Some people argue that this is just another action taken by Trump in the chain of events that may help prosecutors prove an obstruction of justice case.


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