Former DOJ Aide: The Case New York Brings Against Trump Will be Bullet-Proof [Video]

Donald Trump is no stranger to court cases having dealt with thousands of lawsuits over the course of his career. And he will be back in the court room soon. Trump was shielded from the law during his time as president, but that protection is now gone.

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And the first case Trump will have to fight will likely be in New York. District Attorney Cy Vance is reportedly hoping to indict the former president before the year is out. And according to a former DOJ Aide, the case against Trump will likely be bullet-proof.

Matt Miller made the comments while speaking to Ari Melber on Tuesday. He told the MSNBC host, “The way I read it is he’s trying to make sure that his strong case is actually a bulletproof case. I think any time you’re faced with something like a decision about indicting a former president, as the District Attorney Cy Vance is facing. Obviously, you want to make sure you have the strongest case possible.”

The former DOJ lawyer continued, “You think of what it means to indict this former president. You know that Donald Trump is going to launch an unprecedented legal and political and personal assault not just on you, but on the prosecutors in your office who are charged with bringing that case to trial.”

Miller closed his comments, “So this isn’t a regular case where you might take a case that you believe in, but you’re not 95 percent sure that you’re going to win. It’s a marginal case. You believe the defendant is guilty, there may be some problems with the evidence, but you’re going to go to trial and see what happens. This is one that if you’re going to put your office through the real hell that it will be to bring this case against Donald Trump, you want to make sure it’s bulletproof.”


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